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Post-Capture options

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I've done some research into it, and there's a strange oddity to the post-capture options (and indeed what happens after capture in general), and I didn't know if this was intended.

When you capture and the dialog is shown, there are a couple of options. 
1. If you show, the window is shown, and a balloon tip is shown on the icon with what is saved.  The post-capture options are run.
2. If you hide, no window is shown, a balloon tip is shown, and the post-capture options are run.
3. To clipboard... same as hide.
4. Print... same as hide.

But Save as is totally different.  No balloon tip.  No post-capture options.


But Save as is totally different.  No balloon tip.  No post-capture options.
--- End quote ---

Do you mean "Save As"?

Yes... "Save As" is totally different... just forgot the quotes.

Yeah, "Save As" is a very different beast -- not so much on purpose but because of how SC is set up.  When you do a Save As you are saving outside of the SC directory and so the image does not get automatically loaded into the UI, and is not available for all the post-processing stuff.

It's confusing i admit it.

I may try to change the requirement that the directory of the currently loaded file and the current screenshot directory be the same.  This would also solve the issue where people want to use SC to open arbitrary files without changing the screenshot directory.  The main impediment is not so much doing this as it is figuring out a sensible way to modify the UI so that working with files outside of the main screenshot directory makes sense.   This is probably best discussed on a separate thread..

Just knowing that helps a lot... at a minimum, you might want to include a note about that in the interface.  I can imagine that someone might spend a lot of time confused because of that (ask me how I know).


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