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circledock middle button interferes with chrome


Hello, I'm using CircleDock0.9.2Alpha8.2.

The Mbutton used to call circledock is also used by almost all browsers as "open link in new tab", how could you missed this bug?
Why isn't there a features to specify additional letter on keyboard with Mbutton to cal cicledock? It's that simple.

Not everybody has more than 3 button mouse to use the additional buttons just for circledock !


I wouldn't classify this as a bug- it just doesn't meet your needs, unfortunately.  I'm sure the Sgt will respond as soon as possible, but I don't think that CircleDock is still in development, though it is open source, so can be modified.

Archon of Fate:
Its been some time but I think you can change the button used in the settings menu to better fit your purposes. Sarge does pop in from time to time so he'll most likely have a better answer than me... Also yeah Wraith I don't think CD (at least by the old crew) is still being developed :(


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