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Pebble...anybody got one?

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Anyone here got any experience with these things?  (I expect nudone to be all over this  ;D ;D ;D)

They seem like a nifty gadget.  Not sure whether or not I'd buy one (though it's tempting), but I'd be interested to hear some real world feedback if anyones got any

I don't have one... and I've heard not such good things about it also.  I was looking at it for a while, but glad after the fact that I couldn't support at the time of the kickstarter.  I'd check the Kickstarter page for more comments on it.  It gets pretty nasty.

'All the interest/excitement I had when I first came across it simply vanished the moment I got the product. I'm afraid it's mainly to do with the product itself. I was pretty unsatisfied with the build of the watch, so everything it can do became secondary once you saw that it all happened in what looked like - well, a Chinese-made toy.'
I went through that for a couple days. Given all the expectations, the final product seemed a bit weak. But, at this point, I'm so used to it that taking it off for an hour to recharge it drives me mad.
'I can tell you how many times I've worn the watch in the past few months by simply counting the scratches. One for every single time, and they're quite visible. I'm afraid to breathe on it now. Also the the screen seems to be glued on in what appears to have been a messy process. You can't see it normally, but the first time I looked at the watch with polarised sunglasses on, it looked SO unsightly, I was put off for good.'
I've never scratched mine. For a couple weeks, I had a screenprotector thing, but it annoyed me. My watch occasionally *looks* scratched, but it turns out to be nothing more than a bit of oil patterned to look like scratches by fingerprints; if I clean it off with my sleeve, it goes away.
About the polarised sunglasses: that's not glue. It's just the nature of LCD screens. Laptops and televisions have the same problem. The only thing my sunglasses don't cause problems with is my Kindle.

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That's the most recent post.

Another interesting one...

Nice to see iPhone users are now getting what us Android users have had for months - constant bluetooth problems. I literally cannot believe that a fundamental piece of functionality - STAYING CONNECTED TO THE PHONE - is so broken it needs third-party apps to actually make the watch work as advertised. Meanwhile Pebble is busy posting dumb shit on Facebook and patting themselves on the back for other people making apps to make up for all the functionality they forgot.

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Just take a Pebble, and cast it to the sea...  :P

My friend has one, (got in on the Kickstarter), about the best thing I could say about it is you can have The Jugglerw playing on it  :Thmbsup:

just had a read through the kickstarter page (it didn't occur to me to look there for a product who's campaign closed over 12 months ago) and I can't say I put much store in the comments.  

A lot of it sounded like foot stamping (where's my device? I want it now!!) though given the time lines that's probably understandable.

I also hadn't realised that they were still very new (seems they only started to ship around March?), so pretty much everyone is an early adopter and should be prepared for buggy releases.

FWIW it doesn't appear that the existing competition is much better (assuming the pebble isn't much chop), so maybe this is an area to watch (boom boom)....


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