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Trout Request: Automatic playlist creation


It might be nice to have an option that will automatically create+save a playlist file whenever i use Add Folder menu item.

What I mean is, whenever i have a new folder of mp3 files, i always do a two-step process.

First I use File -> Clear and Add Folder item to load the full folder of files.

Then step 2, i go to the file menu and SAVE a playlist to my playlist folder so i can easily reload this set of files.

So i'm suggesting it might be nice to have step 2 done automatically, naming the playlist based on the folder name, and saving it in my last playlist file location.

Not a big deal, just an idea.

One way this might be even more useful, is if trout had a "Recent Playlists" function and this added it to that, so one could more easily select previous playlists.

Trout does have a real deficiency when it comes to playlists.  Mainly because I, personally, rarely use them.  I'll give this some thought.  =]

truthfully i use folders myself.. the only reason i even use playlists is so i have an easier way to remember previous folders loaded.  perhaps a Recent Folders list in the file menu (clicking would do a clear and load) would be even better.


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