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IDEA: Folder name to html database


This is my request for a document catalog creator. Say you have a folder in your pc with folders whose names contain any words separated by delimiters, for example : 2013--BarmyGames--Barmy-Pacman--Commodore64
there could be any tag between the -- delimiter, the idea is that a script parses the folders' names and creates a webpage with a combobox whose items are the name terms found between delimiters, it would be a kind of simple database with restricted search entries given by the combobox, if one selected 2013 in the combobox then only the folders with that tag in their name would be displayed, the same with the other tags. You could select a few tags in diferent comboboxes (2 or 3 would suffice) for a multicriteria search. The page would show links to these folders, and if the user clicked one of these links, the list of links to the files within that directory would be displayed. I had in mind to maintain a catalog for games this way, running such a script regularly and then synchronize this html catalog to dropbox.

After a bit of research, I think this could be accomplished using a combination of these programs :

1. Tag your documents with TaggedFrog
Export the database to CSV

2. Convert the CSV file into a sortable HTML table by means of one of these tools
CSV to SortTable WordPress plugin

This is another nice program that creates a sortable HTML table with search function into a single file


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