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XMAS calendar giveaways...

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at this site

it's been running since the first and I'm surprised no one else has posted about it (someone here put me onto mostIwant).

today's giveaways includes a full version (v13.4) of XYPLORER...

Midnight Rambler:
Site is unorganized and full of fishy offers.  Maybe that's why it's gone unmentioned.

fishy? how?

Midnight Rambler:
Whenever I visit a site that purportedly offers free software and it takes longer than a few minutes to figure out how to acquire it, it raises red flags.  For instance, was looking for XYPLORER and looked at least a couple of times but didn't find it and also, there are too many free offers on that site which usually means either jumping through hoops to get it or it's not really free as advertised.

Just FYI: XYplorer never had any arrangement with that site. I never heard about it. XY had a 24 hour giveaway with a German site (which, alas, turned out to be equally poorly done and just a thick heap of ads :down:), but the site you mentioned obviously just wants to harvest some ad-cents while you click through it.


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