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NANY 2014 Submission: Minecraft Mod ServerGitBackup



NANY 2014 Entry Information
Application Name ServerGitBackup Version 1.0 Short Description Allows backing up of a Minecraft server to a git repository using in game commands Supported OSes Windows, Linux, MacOS Web Page Download Link System Requirements
* Minecraft
* Minecraft Forge for 1.6.2 or 1.6.4
* GitVersion History
* 1.0Author hollowlife1987

This mod allows Minecraft server administrators access to backup their server through easy in game commands
I needed this mod since at first I was just going to use a shell script while I was able to get it working on Linux I could not so on Windows
So I decided I would make my first Minecraft mod to do what I needed it to do.

I know git is not the best solution for this problem and I'm all ears for better solutions.


* Initialization of a git repository
* Manual backup to git repository
* Hourly backup to a git repository
Planned Features
Other methods of backup.

After forge is installed on server copy .jar to mods folder

Using the Application
Use the command
--- Code: Text ---/sgb initWhile in game to create a new git repository for your server followed by
--- Code: Text ---/sgb autobackup onTo create the first backup and a new backup once an hour.

Delete the jar from the mods folder.

This is my first mod so expect some bugs

Known Issues
Sometimes the first backup must be created using git out of game.  No .gitignore file just the following commands

--- Code: Text ---git add -Agit commit -m "First backup"If you feel you have the issue where you must do this ensure your server is not running.

I don't really do a lot with minecraft, but this is really cool!  Once you've got it ironed out, you might want to promote it on some minecraft sites too- I think you're on to something great!

Thanks, I will most likely post it on the Minecraft forums too. :)

Very nice, hollowlife1987!  :Thmbsup:

This looks cool. :Thmbsup:


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