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Any way to make blank again the rating/flag column of a clip?

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I have tried the rating/flag column to help me sort clips into a virtual folder.  However when I no longer wish to rate a particular clip and want it to be back to its original blank setting in either the flag or rating column, the rating number cannot be deleted or made blank anymore. It remains at whatever number I applied.

Is there a way to delete the rating/flag input that i wish to no longer want to identify with a clip?


The top item in the Rating drop down is blank, and choosing that should be identical to original blank state.

Hello once more. 

Last night, I had to go home to see where the source of this post is referring to.  Correct, in that the ratings column does have the blank setting but the flag column when I revisited this matter does not have a blank setting but stays with whatever choices available in its drop down setting. Is there a counter to this "flag" column to make it return to a blank state as the rating columns.

Much thanks.

Looks like you found a bug, i will fix.

As a good workaround, you can simply HIDE/DISABLE the flag and rating columns (click the leftmost icon on the header).


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