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LINUX: Linux Mint 16 "Petra" just released

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Thank you for the excellent footwork Edvard!
That webpage is another keeper for sure!

At least 40hz has spared me from doing what that bird did to its computer.
Quite the depiction that was!  :D
Have that exact want when obliged to work with someone who still has Vista.  :down:

Too bad ScreenShotCaptor doesn't work in Linux.
With its own scan driver, it could have done the job replacing CanoScan's ?

Ah, I should have been more clear as well...  I am running Debian "Testing", not Linux Mint.  I used to be a Ubuntu fan, but it has gone downhill since 9.10, IMNSHO.  I went back to Debian and I've gotten along with it so well that I intend to stay.

Though I will admit Mint looks pretty slick...
-Edvard (December 01, 2013, 09:44 PM)
--- End quote ---

Right before I lost interest entirely in Linux (but not the respect!) I became grumpy with uBuntu because at one particular point the box I was on simply stopped working between upgrades. Aka I had matching CD's in hand and whatever older copy of Ubuntu worked, the next couple of new ones didn't. (Provable, I loaded each like three times.) But at the time Linux Mint wasn't working for me either.

I ended up with some really obscure sub-sub-variant of Ubuntu with extra drivers added by the package dev by hand, and that worked. Presumably during whatever update of official Ubuntu that was, ____ driver got dropped or something.

But I hate to say it, I'm just stuck on Windows because as distractible as I am, Linux adventuring proved to be one too many things to handle! : (      So now I'm just on Windows because I'm tired/lazy because of all the little widgets that are on my comp.

I have been playing more with a virtualized version of Mint and I must say that after installing the Krusader file manager the Mint experience improved 10-fold...for me at least. The default file manager wouldn't (or couldn't) connect to my shared drives using SAMBA. With Krusader there was no problem accessing the same drives. Apparently all file managers that come standard with any OS are too crippled to be of any use :P

There is still something to fix, though. VLC plays all videos on my (shared) drives black and white. The other player that comes by default with Mint plays the same videos in color but 'choppy', no matter how much video RAM I make available to VirtualBox. And yes, all updates that come with VirtualBox, that have to be installed into the guest, are installed. A puzzle that is likely caused by the fact that I run it on a virtual machine that is molded into a portable version by the software of a 3rd party.

Anyway, I am convinced that Mint would do even better on "bare metal" and will advice others to use Mint if they want to jump ship or guide them with installing it on their system(s). Mint 16 has shown me that Linux has come a far way, since I have been trying it (my first distro was the official boxed set of Suse 7.0 which sold through the better book stores).

Do tend to let myself be uselessly distracted by gadgets.
It's hard 'cause our eyes always want to see more and all the other senses too!
Windows 7 is truly one of the best Microsoft has ever come out with and i still don't know it as good as i should.
Too busy dabbing with various Linux distros and now, with a Google Nexus 7!
Handy stuff but also time consuming...

Must admit though, that LinuxMint 16 (especially Cinnamon), worthy to be installed over old Vista.


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