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LINUX: Linux Mint 16 "Petra" just released

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good to see that the recent allegations by an Ubuntu dev did not take away from the wind from their sails. more about that here but with more and more distros becoming an attractive alternative to existing desktop OSes, the comments are likely to be more frequent. *shrug*


Anyone know if there will be any more work on the Debian-based flavor?
-ewemoa (December 01, 2013, 07:38 PM)
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IIUC, LMDE works off a semi-rolling release model that uses Mint created update packs based on Debian's "testing" repositories. So there really aren't specific LMDE versions like there are for the Ubu-based flavors of Mint. The last LMDE update pack (#7) was issued around the end of September of this year, so it looks to be still active.

Ah, thanks for the explanation -- I guess that means one starts off with an ISO and then performs at least one update.

If it's based on "Testing" I'd say there's more than one update ;)

I do an 'aptitude update/full-upgrade' every week or so and it's always huge.  And in the past couple of months, they've been obsolete-ing tons of packages.

The "update" I was referring to was the LMDE update pack -- do you do additional "from-Debian" updates as well?

Sorry I wasn't clear in my original post -- I was referring to the process of installing from scratch.


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