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LINUX: Linux Mint 16 "Petra" just released

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Right before I lost interest entirely in Linux (but not the respect!) I became grumpy with uBuntu because at one particular point the box I was on simply stopped working between upgrades. Aka I had matching CD's in hand and whatever older copy of Ubuntu worked, the next couple of new ones didn't. (Provable, I loaded each like three times.) But at the time Linux Mint wasn't working for me either.

I ended up with some really obscure sub-sub-variant of Ubuntu with extra drivers added by the package dev by hand, and that worked. Presumably during whatever update of official Ubuntu that was, ____ driver got dropped or something.

But I hate to say it, I'm just stuck on Windows because as distractible as I am, Linux adventuring proved to be one too many things to handle! : (      So now I'm just on Windows because I'm tired/lazy because of all the little widgets that are on my comp.
-TaoPhoenix (December 20, 2013, 12:07 PM)
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Well, I'm glad you settled on what works for you instead of endless twiddling for more effort than worth.  Never a good idea no matter what your loyalty.  I have had experiences like that where certain computers and the attending hardware just would not play well with Linux, no matter what distro or combination of drivers.  However, my tenacity was such that I usually ended up using a lower-spec box that ran relatively hassle-free rather than switch back to Windows, but that's just me  :Thmbsup:

Is it just me?
I find the sound from Youtube comes out better on headsets in LinuxMint.
Can't say the same for integrated speakers though.

A friend of mine has Windows 8 and i tried to work with it - all i can say is 'yuck'!

Now i want to propose she dual boot with LM 16 but it's not a LTS so i was wondering if it is possible to upgrade when the time comes or is it better to re-install?

Wonder if 40hz has made it his definite OS?

Too busy dabbing with various Linux distros and now, with a Google Nexus 7!-dantheman (December 21, 2013, 07:51 AM)
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You're installing Linux distros on your Nexus 7? O_o

Which ones?

Windows 7 and Nexus 7 are mine.
The Windblows 8 is my friends.
Sorry Microsoft but i just can't appreci8.


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