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LINUX: Linux Mint 16 "Petra" just released

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I didn't really want to post this!
LinuxMint 16 Cinnamon installs the driver for the HP 1018 printer but it can never print anything.
Tried out Pinguy and there's no support for that printer either.
ElementaryOS (even if it keeps asking for user p.w. to install a driver at boot) works just fine.
Even if the later is nice and fast too, i still prefer LinuxMint Cinnamon.
Can't have your cake and icing.
-dantheman (December 16, 2013, 08:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

@Dan - before you get to this point:

Lets try installing hplip and hplip-gui using either Synaptic or the Mint Software Manager.

Then, from the start menu, go to <Preferences><HPLIP Toolbox> and try installing your printer from there.

Luck! :Thmbsup:


I really wasn't expecting any kind of miracle to happen here, but you just made my day!
hplip was already there so i went onto the next step hplip-gui and there was one item missing.
Installed that, then went to preferences and the HP toolbox told me i was missing a driver i managed to download from 'recommended' option and it worked!!!  :Thmbsup:
Woohoooh!!!  8)

You should apply for a job a LinuxMint!

Muchos gracias hermano!

@Dan - de nada

As you get more familiar and comfortable with Mint and Linux in general, pay the favor back to the community by helping someone else. Thats what this 'thing' is (supposedly) all about.

Onward! :Thmbsup: :)

That's what i always try to do 40hz.
In fact, i went over to LM forums, not only post link and text of your solution but also [Solved] in the header (proper étiquette).

Suppose the CanoScan LiDE70 is a hopeless case though.
But that's okay, i'm not into big scanning projects lately.

I looked up the LiDE70 because I have a LiDE30 that works flawlessly, and you are correct.  The LiDE70 uses a different set of hardware altogether (Phillips chipset) and Canon's attitude toward Linux has been *ahem*... less than charitable.  I got my 30 at a thrift store for $5.99; I bet you could probably find a similar deal on a more compatible scanner.  Take this page* with you on your phone or tablet for a quick check.  :Thmbsup:



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