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SteamOS : a quick review - plus setting up a virtual environment for testing


A couple of helpful articles courtesy of the Dedoimedo blog regarding SteamOS - Valve's latest bid for world domination.

First up is the review which can be found here.

SteamOS review - Lovely jubbly!

Updated: December 28, 2013

Normally, my game-related content goes into the dedicated Gaming section. But this is a special moment. SteamOS is not just a game. It's a complete, Debian-based distro, and so it merits its own review, right here, alongside all other flavors and editions I've tested in the past. Moreover, some of the stuff will get technical, in the upcoming sequel articles, which makes the Software category the best candidate for this.

Anyhow, SteamOS. Linux based. A dream come true. Now, it's not just a gaming platform, it's a complete operating system, and it may soon land in your living room. The moment we have all been waiting for. But before that happens, let me give you a brief taste of what SteamOS can really do.
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Next, and even more interesting, is a step-by-step guide for setting up a SteamOS test environment runnning under VirtualBox. This can be a major PITA if you struggled through it earlier (like I did) on your own. Much easier to follow the steps Igor Ljubuncic so thoughtfully provided. Find them here.

How to setup and test SteamOS as a virtual machine

Updated: January 11, 2014

Note: SteamOS is in continuous development; instructions shown below may change or become outdated or irrelevant. I will follow up with update articles as necessary.

You've just read my SteamOS review. You like it. But you are dismayed by the horrible system requirements. Yup, you need a powerful machine with a modern processor, you need a heap of RAM, a ton of hard disk, and one of the leading graphics cards. Well, not really.

How about we kind of work around all these requirements? This is what I'm going to show you today. How you can install and test SteamOS as a virtual machine, using very limited resources and with zero risk to your physical setup. We will do that using the SteamOS installer archive and VirtualBox. Sounds good. Now follow me...
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Great pair of articles! :Thmbsup:

Thanks for the post 40hz, very interesting.


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