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Frenchcows - The french game bundle


Each game pack for €9
complete Season for €15 (~$22)
*A 'Season' is 6 months. You pay 15 euros for a Season, which will give you all game packs in that season.

FrenchCows is not a regular video game store:
it’s a collective of indie creation studios providing video game downloading service
with an eclectic choice. All the income earned through the packs purchases is split equally between the studios.

You buy a pack, you get a few games, and you will get extra content during 3 months :
designs, musics, extra levels, games in progress and even brand new games... For free,
on several platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)...

You can even purchase the complete season, and then get the games and content included in
all the packs released during the six months season!

You can also interact directly with the studios: FrenchCows developers believe in their players,
and they all agreed to share, create, and adapt their content for the happiness of their audience.
Our developers are available and ready to share.

You are involved in the very heart of the creation process and can even be part of the development of better games. :Thmbsup:

You may get a 20% off packs and season during happy hours


You can use this code: ba9d8515d0
to get a 10% discount on your order, and I'll get +1% bonus on my own discount. :P


20% discount off all packs and seasons on with code LUCKYDAY Only valid during 24 hours. The FrenchCows season includes 10 games for now, and many more will be added and will evolve until may 5th.
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