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How to make SC go to the last file?

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as per title, i have a custom ahk script running after each capture (post-capture options). after the script runs, SC auto-refreshes the thumbnail panel and does not set focus on the latest captured file. is there anything i can do about it?

is there some reason SC is changing the focused file?  it would refresh the thumbnail panel if a new file was created by your script in that directory, but it shouldnt change the focus..   are you deleting that last captured file perhaps?

ok, that makes sense. the script renames certain newly captured files.

if you invoke "ScreenshotCaptor.exe filepath" it should switch to the file you specify.

but i may be able to fix sc behavior to by default do the thing you want if you tell me a little bit more about what's happening and what you would like to happen instead.

this is the format i use in the "File Naming Template": %quickfield%%windowtitle%_%customdate%_%num%
--- End quote ---

1. i wanted to fine-tune the filenames further so i wrote a custom ahk script to do that as part of the post-capture options.
2. this script parses the newly captured filenames and rename them if it is matches the list of word i want to exclude.
3. after renaming is done, SC refreshes the thumbnail panel and somehow loses the focus on the last captured file.
4. now when i toggle SC's main window, no file has the focus, necessitating a scroll down the panel for the latest file.
5. i would to avoid #3 if possible.
6. in the meantime i will try out your suggestion of calling "ScreenshotCaptor.exe filepath" within the script after renaming is done.

thanks again!


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