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SteamGifts Giveaway: Payday 2


Welcome to Payday 2 giveaway! please click on the image to participate. :)


as usual, the following rules apply:
1. Open to the Donation Coder group on Steam.

2. PM  "wraith808","Deozaan", or "lanux128" your steam name, and tell him/her you want to join the group.

3. Log in to via your Steam account.

4. Follow the Steamgifts rules and read the FAQ:

5. Enter the giveaway.

6. The entrants will have to post their forum profile as a comment on the giveaway.

Note that the Steam community for DC is not a general purpose community- it's for active members of DonationCoder.

the giveaway has concluded and the winner notified, thanks for participating. 8)


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