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Does anyone have any idea how Google decides what to print as links to your website?  I have two Flash modules that only work correctly when used in context with the rest of the site.  For some reason, Google has recently added these at direct entries.  Since they are not folders, but rather files in the main folder I am not sure how to go about stopping the listing or at least stopping it from working.  In total they recently added 4 links with titles like "loading, loading, loading..." and one that says "100%".  I would be happy if all it had was index.html.
The others are real inside pages and while I would rather it went in the front door, these pages can be loaded as standalone and it would not be so bad, kind of like a directory of pages on the site.
But the (Flash) > pages do not display properly and have no real meaning unless the user gets there from the main site page.

This is something that just happened recently as I have never seen it before.


You can block or remove pages indexed by google with a robots.txt file:


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