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NANY 2014 Entry Information
Application Name ESC Close Version 2.0.0 Short Description You can close a program by just pressing a single key, ESC. You decide with program to activate it on.
Also you can close a program or a browser tab by just pressing the ESC key twice or thrice.
Supported OSes WinXp and above Web Page Download Link
From the time of MS-DOS and PC-DOS, we are accustom to using ESC key to close a box / option or go back one step. We could run a program and know that, to close or abort it, we have the versatile ESC key and it worked.

Now in the era of Windows, Microsoft decided that we must learn to use ALT+F4 key combination to close a window. How they got the idea of ALT+F4 is beyond anybody's imagination, I feel. They could have used ALT+X, say if they so wanted. Anyway, who are we to question M.S. So we mortal, learned a new trick on how to use single hand for pressing two far away buttons. I learned it and life just went by and no body complained.

Well then I got a brand new Laptop. Now like M.S., the laptop, ultra-book etc. manufactures decided that we do not need regular size buttons for functions keys. Some manufacturer even made them just like a single noodle cut in small pieces. Again they had their reasons of not enough space for the function keys.

The user, me, who was well trained to use ALT+F4 key without looking at the keyboard, even with single left hand, could not get it right in most attempts. Either I hit ALT+F3 or ALT+F5 but never ALT+F4. I had to take a close look at the function keys row to find the elusive F4 key to press it, for a simple job of closing a window.

Some programmers understood the pain and gave ESC key as an option to close their program, but mostly let M.S. do the job. Here again in some programs, ESC key do entirely different job instead of closing.

As a programmer I was finding it waste of time fiddling with function keys, when a simple ESC key could have done it.

I decided to make ESC key to close a window.

You can close a program by just pressing the ESC key thrice. You can even close a tab by pressing ESC key twice. Obviously you can change what action twice and thrice pressing the ESC will do, in Settings.

You can also set a window title or class to close on single ESC key press.

Now Notepad can be closed with ESC key. Also GOM player can be made to close instead of minimize. Closing a tab in a browser is just so simple now. Old .HLP files used to close with ESC but new .CHM insists on ALT+F4, now it also abides to ESC key.

Planned Features
More customization options.


To install, extract the zip file in a folder, say "Esc Close", and run the "Esc Close" exe.

Using the Application
Right click on the tray icon and choose 'Settings' for various options.

To uninstall, right click on tray icon of "Esc Close" and select 'Exit'. Then delete all files in the "Esc Close" folder and remove the "Esc Close" folder.

Hm, I don't fully get what the use-case is, here. :huh:

Some programs I don't want to close on <Esc>, and others explicitly support that (and it can be disabled) so that's also just fine.

Thanks Ath, I could understand, not giving full description was not a good idea.

Now I have put the full description of the problem I have to face and the solution I made.



Thanks for your entry, Anand!  :Thmbsup:

Final version of the app.

Version 2.0.0
- Set window title or class to close on single ESC key press.




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