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Kyrathaba's Text File Duplicate Finder


This program reads each successive line in a text file as a separate entry (assuming it's not a blank line), and determines if that entry has occurred previously in the text file (in other words, is the current entry a duplicate?) The program has the ability to permit the user to write a new text file containing only the unique items from the original text file, while omitting duplicates. The program is case-sensitive, so "PINEAPPLES" isn't the same entry as "pineapples", nor as "Pineapples".

Executable size: 13.5 Kb (requires .NET Framework)
Zip download size: 5.93 Kb

Download link

Downloads (as of 02/22/14): 66

TFDF will replace some unregistered shareware i use! Thanx!

Great, DyNama! Glad I could help!


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