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N.A.N.Y 2014 Submission: FTP File Uploader

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NANY 2014 Entry Information

Application NameFTP File UploaderVersion1.0Supported OSesWin XP or greaterWeb pageNoneDownload link RequirementsWin XP or greaterAuthorBigVent

* Idea obtained from: this post
* This program will parse a selected text file & then upload those file names within said folder.
* EXE must be in the folder of the images to be PUT via FTP.
* Uses cURL for the PUT
* Clears variables at the end so that nothing is stored
* ESC key is the exitapp hotkey
Typical txt file: (only file_names & ext)


Download link:

New Link:

Thanks for your entry, BigVent!  :Thmbsup:

Question: can another program invoke FTP File Uploader, specifying a text file (containing the names of files to be uploaded) as an argument?


This looks fascinating. I potentially have a project where I have to upload bunches of files and doing it by hand is a pain!

Tip: a "Directory Reader" can read the contents of the folder, then create that text file. For example I use "Karen's Dir Reader" but I am sure there are others. (You may just have to fiddle with the setting to turn off "too much info" in the output file.)

So then you can maybe run the dir reader, then run this, and off the files go!


I love "chaining" apps. ("New chains for the new year!")
So as an extreme example:
- you do web research with a whole bunch of Firefox Tabs
- then you run Miles' BBSS that produces Text File #1 with matching titles and Urls where you got them from
- then run my PDF maker to turn those webpages into (hopefully readable!) Pdfs
- then you run the dir reader to get the file list, then run this to upload it all into your server/etc!


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