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Default email Domain autofill


I know this is surely possible but not sure if it is something there is a 3rd party app to do or if it wold take special mods to Outlook.
The company I work for has I high turnover of employees and there are quite a lot of them.   I have always wondered why Outlook does not have an option to automatically fill in a "default" mail domain wen someone enters a name like "john doe" and nothing else.
Since John just got hired, there is no auto fill for him so you have to type in the full email domain.

It' not a big deal, just one of those small time saving "things" that sure would be nice to see it happen since or company mail domain is about 20characters long. (not MY idea :)   Short is sweet!).

My current solution which is not really that bad was to use my favorite hotkey utility (Clavier) to make a hokey for the rest.  As long as I remember to hit the hot key (they have a name for that but I forget what it is :)  )

Anyway, dumb request and maybe it is already in outlook but I don't know where.

Happy Thanksgiving to All and THANKS  from ME to Everyone for such a Great Board!!

Best way would be to use a Text Expander app.  :)


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