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Great sites for guitar learning

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The purpose of this thread is to share links that would help *everyone* get a jump-start on the learning curve.

Please post your favorite sites, links, etc to help the community.


Justin Guitar -- Great site overall from beginners to advanced guitar

tropicalmba  -- Great site for beginners to start

Great timing, i'm thinking of trying to learn (again).

i can recommend justinguitar - worked for me.

Please post your favorite sites, links, etc to help the community.
-BigVent (November 26, 2013, 09:37 AM)
--- End quote ---

My own site. Link is below. It's for amateurs and pros to learn music by ear.

50% off for payment in bitcoins, or litecoins, or any other crypto-currency that you can convince me to take! :)

For not so much standard as bass guitar, check out Scott Devine's online bass tuition site: Plenty of solid info and suggestions offered in two packages. There's the free (registration required) SBL Insider which has:

30+ hours of free video bass lessons
Access to 'The Backstage Area'
Access to the backing track library
Special benefits and new lesson alerts

Scott additionally offers an annual subscription package called SBL Insider Pro, which incorporates the above plus additional learning materials and resources. Go to the website for details.

I really like Scott's attitude and approach to the electric bass - which happens to be my main instrument.

You can also find 114 (last count) videos by Scott on his YouTube channel. Link here.

Here's a sample beginner-level lesson in case anybody's interested:

Some really good stuff to be found. (Best played through external speakers or headphones to really hear what's going on. Bass frequencies don't come over very well on most laptop's internal speakers.)

FWIW, bass is a fairly easy instrument to acquire basic musical proficiency on. Considerably easier than a standard guitar IMHO - even if attaining genuine mastery is another matter. So if you're frustrated trying to learn guitar, and you like the sound (and role) of the bass, give it a try. You might not ever look back.

However, that is not necessarily a good thing:

Standard disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with SBL in any way. I'm just an impressed viewer. 8)


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