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Why is my Firefox searching for updates when aut. updating not is enabled?

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I have updated to version 25, so I expect the problem will be gone for a few weeks.

I had a similar thing with Opera x64 12.14.  It has check for updates on by default.  It asks me if I want to update to 12.16.  Like an idiot I click OK.  Then I cancel.  So now I have to delete the temp folder with the update or it will pop up a dialog every time I start it asking to install the downloaded update.

Anyway, I do the update, then change the setting to never check for updates.  It puts all the crap advert bookmarks I just cleaned off the toolbar back on.  Then it changes the update setting back to Check For Updates.

I see why they are going away.  The sad part is, it's the only browser out of Firefox, Waterfox or Opera that has snappy resonse on my Windows8 Laptop.

btw the editing trick still works in the bookmarks.adr file.  If you import bookmarks from Firefox, just go into bookmarks.adr and delete the entry that says Firefox folder at the top.  Now the Firefox bookmarks will be at the root.

Just in case you have not already checked these fields in about:config ...
it's item 34 on this page - About:config entries - MozillaZine Knowledge Base.

Thanks, IainB. But I don't have any "update".
Has it been replaced by app.update?

But I don't have any "update".
-Curt (November 28, 2013, 07:57 AM)
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me neither FWIW


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