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Running Windows XP Professional in Windows 8 (Not Pro)

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Patteo - about a year ago I created a virtual XP using VMWare Player 4.x on Win7 pro 64bit, and an OEM XP key.
It's almost impossible to find on their site, not sure if they've renamed it..
Found it, page link in quote -
down at the bottom you'll see this:

Free for Personal Use
Player Plus is licensed for commercial use but if you simply want to learn about virtual machines or run virtual machines at home you can always use VMware® Player™ for free!
Download Player for personal use.
- See more at:
--- End quote ---

Note: I did a backup with Syncovery of the virtual XP - I did a successful restore from the backup shortly after. So a simple copy would/should work.

For the record, there was another thread about VMWare vs. other options:


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