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IE 11 screen stretches instead of scrolls

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OK, this isn't a result of having an intermittently stuck Control key is it, (Control + Scroll = Zoom) ?

Stoic Joker:
OK, this isn't a result of having an intermittently stuck Control key is it, (Control + Scroll = Zoom) ?
-4wd (November 27, 2013, 03:21 AM)
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Nope. I've seen this behavior before (screenshots helped a lot there). I don't know what's causing it...but my machine here at work has done it a few times when the browser was lagging a bit.

Usually seems to happen when a page in (the background/)another window is eating up resources, and the one you're looking at is still loading when you try to scroll.

hi bit,
can you edit the first post, and change the title to IE11 screen...
thanks :)
-tomos (November 27, 2013, 02:22 AM)
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Got it. As of this posting, there have been approximately 390 souls who clicked in, hoping to see an example of a real screen that stretches like taffy.
If anyone has one of those, please add your valuable contribution to this peculiar Scientific anomaly.
One way to artificially replicate this phenomenon is to press 'Print Screen' key, then print out the image, then mash a glob of Silly Putty onto it, peel it off, then stretch the putty.

Actually, this was a clever demonstration of Finagle's (or Murphy's) Law, that malfuntioning apparatus will work perfectly when you try to demonstrate the problem to others.
The above examples demonstrate this Law near-perfectly. :)

(edit) found this...

If you go to the above page, and scroll down...((no wait!!))
Ack! Too late, the dread 'taffy screen of death' -TSOD- strikes again...

Rod Serling just appeared on my screen and asks if he can use the 'taffy screen' in his next episode of Twilight Zone.

Microsoft wants to patent it...correction, they say they will either brick my OS or sue me for unauthorized use of the 'taffy feature' if I don't stop using it without providing a certified Microsoft 'Product Key'... about a 'taffy key' made of real taffy?
...No? How about a silly putty copy of a Microsoft Product Key...suitably stretched?

Actually, I just discovered the web site I got the test circle from was made by unintentional access to an MK-Ultra site, and....will you stop staring like that???

 :D :D


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