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IE 11 screen stretches instead of scrolls

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It doesn't scroll, it acts like a big sheet of taffy.

OK, I'll bite ...  :huh:

What I mean is, it distorts vertically as if someone put a tack into the top of the screen, so that as you try to scroll downwards, it just stretches.
It's about as if you did a printout onto a sheet of rubber, and stretched it vertically.
And wouldn't you know, after seeming to do it every time, now it's not doing it so I can take a screen shot.
I'll have to wait until it does it again to do that, and I don't normally use IE because the other browsers seem so much nicer somehow.

I think you should change the Topic to IE 11 screen stretches instead of scrolls  ;)

First time I've ever heard of that happening, is it just IE or does the whole display do it?

And, is it the IE 11 window or just the contents in it?

Mine doesn't stretch, but I'm unhappy about the quality of the font rendering. I only use IE11 for checking email on an MS Office Outlook Web Access page, but on my 1920x1080 and 1680x1050 screens the font looks noticeably worse (skinnier, less legible, uglier). It's tiny at 100% zoom, still small at 125%, but too big at 150%. One could of course do a custom zoom, but that takes 4 steps and can't be saved!

One would have thought that MS would at least make sure that their own service looked good in their own browser...


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