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Hah!  well  half hah...
I found most of what I need to know but not all.
I do not have Autoit3?  Do I need it?  I can read the script with notepad but not sure how to get IE to swallow it.

From your print-screen it looks like it would do the trick.
The ini files I can see how to edit but the other two are off my sight-line?  I have no idea what to do with them.

Now I see it CLEARLY!   :Thmbsup:

BUT  I still don't know what to do with it.  Maybe removing the LOCKS put on by BitDefender.  Apparently they don't have all the bugs worked out yet.

This is from a post on their forums from January.   Another user in the same fix I am.  Stuck.  I think I will remove bit defender then re-download the file.
__________________________-  posted on their site -- _________________________

"........ that's because you are using two security products: Microsoft Security Essentials and Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, which are incompatible on the same system.   You must uninstall one of them for the proper functionality of your security product and computer.

Thank you! I've already uninstalled MSE.  >>>(Looks like he should have kept MSE and removed BitDefender  :P)

How can I remove a quarantine file and prevent future false threat identifications of that file by Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition?

Jan 23 2013, 12:13 PM

We are working on this issue, in the next product update this feature(restore from quarantine) will be available.       Thanks for feedback,

By the way... Conduit?  Just Google it.  "Conduit Malware"  It is "officially" a Browser Helper Object.  Apparently they even have some affiliation with MS.  They never get pulled and hard as heck to get rid of.  The Start page of your browser will usually show some kind of "SWEETUMS"  blah blah blah  that LOOKS just like the usual playpen that Google throws out but... it is not Google!  It is definitely a re-director and hosts all kinds of nasties. 
But, while the nasties themselves will often get removed by Malware-bytes and others, the Originator of all the trouble "Conduit" is still there.
              You will find it peppered all over your registry often in the company of words like "re-director" and so on.

Removing Conduit from all over program files really doesn't do everything.  Like I said, it takes a thorough searching of the registry to remove the rest.  Right now I can't even remember all the "aliases" but there are several. 

But the thing is so sneaky that unless you just happen to notice that you keep ending up on the same sites no matter what search terms you put in...   No harm - No foul I guess is how they look at it!    But it makes Google and other search tools worthless.  Worse yet, it sends back to ???? "Whoever" a full list of whatever you have been looking for.

Oh well.  I guess I will have to completely dump Bit Defender to even find out if IEAE will work.

Even after unzipping, it still kills he process if I try to run it.  Doesn't say why. 

OK   I neutered Bit Defender on ieae and now I get a transport error.  One of those long codes but at least I got something  said error code 2.  The name is right.  smtp server is right.  pw is right.  port is right 
Any idea where to go from here?


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