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File Send Link by email as a Single Hotkey without having to leave the webpage

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I got so close but could not find the final piece to the puzzle.    I bit of searching got me to the correct setup to achieve everything but the LINK for the webpage I was on.  F2 set to be the hotkey does everything but add the link.  I am sure that there is a variable somewhere that stores that link but I have no idea where.
This would just make it super easy to keep track of random browsing that turns up tidbits that I would like to go back and look at in depth but that may not be relevant to the reason for the Search I am working on,  I run across all kinds of places that I would love to go back and visit and to be honest file send PAGE by email might even be a better option since the link displayed might not reveal the reason why I saved it.
I setup outlook to automatically sort out these "interesting sites to be looked at when I have time" emails and pt them all in a folder.  Since it is an email, I have a date and time for when I ran across each one.

I'm not complaining, as the option to click all those keys does work quite well but it gets old after a while when I think about it.  Why isn't there a single click option to do this without even showing me Outlook or anything else so I do not lose my original train of thought for what I was really looking for?
I have searched for an IE add-on or even a Google Chrome add-on with no luck.  The F2 option was built from suggestions I found on 'How To Geek' and it works quite well except that it pops up the email on top of the webpage so I can fill in the subject (which I would like to be the link to the webpage)  <or as I said maybe better that it be the webpage itself.... except this could lead to some very large emails :)   ....  >

If anyone knows the location of the variable that would hold the actual web-address of the page I am on when I hit that hotkey I would appreciate it.  Most of the rest is done with the normal capabilities of the mailto: format which has a place to add the subject or I could make it the body.

The final step would be to complete the sequence with a SEND command so that all I might see is a flicker on the screen as it all happens.

Someone here always has the answers so it is the first place I look.  :)

Thanks :D

I use Windows Live Mail as my default mail handler. That may not matter, but it seems to work well with any app that can send from the default. Using the 'send mail' from any app will fire up the Windows Live Mail "new message" window, and close after you hit send.

Using Firefox along with Fireshot I think I can do what the request is, except for the hotkey. You can do it from the icon at the top of the browser or from the add-on bar. Fireshot will work in IE and Google Chrome.

Maybe I wasn't as clear as I thought.  I can get Outlook to open up and load my email address in the sent to:
What I am lacking is the link info to send.  I know it is somewhere.  The address of the page I am on when I hit the F2 key which is what I programmed to be the hotkey access to the mail to: shortcut.  You can also include other information in the mail to: command line but I do not know where that information is stored in order to add it.
I presume it is a variable in IE somewhere that knows where I am.  It would be the contents of the address bar.  I just do not know where that information is stored so I cannot programmatically access it.

Why not a bookmarklet?

eg. FYI

Just add your email address into it, (this is the Firefox version):
--- End quote ---

Change to:
javascript:var%20r='%250A',t=encodeURIComponent(document.title),g=window.getSelection();location.href='mailto:[email protected]?subject=fyi:%20'+t+'&body='+t+r+location.href+r+(g?'---'+r+encodeURIComponent(g)+r+r:r);void'2.6ff'
--- End quote ---

It'll open in your default email client with address, page title as the subject, with the URL and any selected text in the body.

4WD  I shudda known it would be you :D.  You have come up with more of the "final parts" to my rube goldberg contraptions.  And they usually work !:)  Maybe always work.

I have never heard of a bookmarklet but I dl'ed the code so now I need to figure out how to patch it into the mailto: hotlink.
OR  maybe now.  It seems to already do most of what I want anyway.  I have a great hotkey utility called Clavier that I could not live without that can fill in ALL my emails ( i have about 5, one for each place I work) so that I get to benefit at each location from research done at the others.

I also recently found a fantastic one click AHK code to add the good old Quick launch bar back.  It never was hard but was tedious and I simply have to have it due to the way the IE download manager acts like it is an actual windows page.  So until you close it, clicking he "e" in the taskbar just opens the download manager.  I have not found a way to get the darned thing to "time out" after all downloads are done it stays open just to annoy me.

Speaking of annoyances,  here is a good one for you.  In Outlook (Version doesn't matter) if you enter a search term to look for an email in your inbox, after it does it's job and you find all the emails from "Mr. Buttkiss"   :)  or whatever term you type in.  WHY isn't there a timed release option.  Like maybe 5 minutes later the search bar erases itself so you go back to seeing the normal mailbox with ALL the mail instead of that select few.  A well behaved setup would even warn you that the 5 minute window was up and ask if you wanted to keep the search term or release it and go back to normal view with no filters.

I have a wish list that is as long as it is varied and surely these are quirks that annoy someone other than me.  But most people just put up with it.

By the way, someone here (I think) finally pointed me to the perfect solution to the need for a way to know where a download came from.
I have been very happy with it so far.    FDM  or Free Download Manager.

And a Really fantastic tool can be found at (again, many thanks to whoever sent me there) called Everything.  It is a lightning fast windows file searcher that I have not been able to find anything else that comes close.

I will close with one final request for Help!  This is affecting numerous people here and is really getting to be a nuisance.  CONDUIT!

I actually found EVERYTHING during a Search to get RID of conduit.  On every computer I have tried it on so far, there is a 100% success rate.  Simply enter conduit as the search term into everything and then SHIFT+Delete on ever file or folder it finds with that term in it.
I have never had a single problem created and every time I use it, it removes all the browser hijackers installed by the Malicious company.  But an ounce of prevention is etc etc .  so I wish I could flat out block the creation folder or file with the name Conduit.  Or at the least pop up a warning asking the user if they are sure they want to allow it.

While there are very likely legitimate programs somewhere that will need thatname in their folders, out of maybe the 50 or so I have had to clean, not a single one suffered any harm.

Happy Holiday Season to Everyone here on Donation Coders.


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