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Adding link to webpage when using cut and paste into notepad from a website


This is something that is similar to another problem I had a while back of wanting to save the link back to the site where I downloaded any files from.  On that I finally resolved myself to using FDM which does help though still not quite what I was after.

Many time I find useful information while browsing the Net on various topic, I open notepad, and use cut and paste to save the specific part I need to refer back to.
then I go to the browser address bar and copy the link for the page I am on and add it to the bottom.

finally, I save the notepad document into a folder called "Net-Info" on my C: drive.

These three or four steps are not that bad but I with I could at least hot key the addition of the link because that step sometimes ends up with my getting only a partial link or even accidentally closing the page.  I already figured out the part about using a shortcut to a blank.txt file that is located in the "net-info" folder so that when I save it, that is where it goes.  But adding the link is something I would like to automate.  Better than ahot key would be if the information in the address bar was added to the document as soon as I click to open the blank one.  Maybe this is something I could do with an "auto-mouse" capture script?

Anyway, once the link info is in the text file, I could cut and paste the text I wanted from the site above it.

It would also be nice if the name of the file would automatically become the first 20 characters of the pasted text like Word does.  Then I could just paste in the data and click save.    I try not to use Word or WordPad so the link is not automatically active but can be copied and pasted if I want to.

If there is an easier way than taking all the steps I do or if it is something I need to program a script for if someone knows, I would appreciate the knowledge.
It seems like there should already be a button for adding the open link to a text file  in the browsers but if it is there I cannot find it.

If the knowledge is out there, I am sure someone here knows it.  :)

Pasting in the link is much easier if you use EditPad Lite 7.  For example in Pale Moon I just left mouse drag the "moon" on the left of the addressbar and drop it in EditPad.  Also you can set the word wrap to 72 or another value in Options File Types, Editor Options.  When you copy paste from the web page it will add the end of lines.

I took a look around for "web clipper" type AddOns but they seem to be designed to work with online accounts rather than text files.

EditPad also has an Edit option to paste the date.  As for the naming perhaps an ahk macro could do that part.  Double clicking a link in EditPad launches the default browser so it's not a bad way to get back the the source page for the snippet.

It's free for personal use.

Edit: I think most web browsers will drag and drop the address this way. At least Opera and Chromium do.

Hmm, word wrap seems to be damned if you do and damned if you don't.  It can cause long urls to be broken.  There's always a fly in the ointment it seems.  :)

Thanks and I will try that too.
The problem is either pure laziness or simply "too many irons in the fire"

I was trying to find a script that would automatically ADD the browser link to the opened page in WordPad or Notepad++ as the "header" in effect.
so that when I open the save document each time, the actual working link to the page it cam from would be right at hand.
I am currently doing as you suggest but the extra steps to get the hyperlink into the page are tedious.

On my systems I use the FireFox browser plugin Zotero. Think it is also available as stand-alone software for Windows. I completely misuse it, but for my intends and purposes it works.

Each time an interesting web page appears in my browser I open the plugin, select the (sub)category list I created and select the save button. An exact replica of the current web page is then stored on my PC. Links to the original webpage are automatically included and I can add extra tags if I feel like it. All these Zotero pages are indexed and searchable within the Zotero plugin.

When I later open the page again I have the option to open the stored page or visit the original link.

WOW.  sounds like Zotero would do pretty much what I need.  maybe more.  But.  Firefox Only>?  what happened to alt he AIAE programmers?
I can use FF and for that part only it might be worth the change.


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