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Flash Game of the Week: Kingdom Rush Frontiers


One of the better web-based tower defense game spawns a sequel, more polished than ever.  Playable via web and available as an ipad or android app.


Kingdom Rush (the original) is also part of the current Humble Mobile Bundle 3 if you pay more than the average, which is about $5.21 USD at the time I'm writing this.

I'd agree that Kingdom Rush is one of the better Tower Defense games I've played, so I'm sure Frontiers is also a great one.

Heh. Look what I found:

It's a reference to this:

Thanks for the link.
I've been learning a lot about these online games lately, and have even downloaded several (as self-contained .swf files).
It's all because of my 3½ y/o son, Brian. He loves these games after Lily introduced him to some. He found Kingdom Rush whilst playing games online a couple of weeks ago. It's now on his favourites list (Tag=games), along with 20+ others, including (from memory) things like Earn to Die 2012 (Zombies), Need More Brains (Zombies), Last Action Heroes 1 & 2, Pappa Louie 2, Cactus McCoy, sundry MonkeyGoHappy versions, Grow Valley, various food preparation and baby-care games, etc..

As he is still developing his skills, he doesn't always have the problem-solving skills or 2-handed co-ordination necessary for some of these games, so I have to initially show him how to solve the problems and play one hand whilst he plays the other. As he learns to get the hang of it all, he seems to needs my help less and less.

He became all excited when I told him just now that there's a new version of Kingdom Rush (Frontiers) and wants to play it "Right now!"    ;D
He'll have to wait till his sister has finished drafting 3 apartment designs (using Sweet Home 3D online) on her laptop - it's for her school homework. Brian was sat next to her "helping". He keeps telling us that he badly wants to "play" it, and SIMS3 too...


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