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Add QuickLaunch Back to taskbar with one click from commandline


The normal method of doing this has always worked fine but I have to go through all the steps on every system I want it on.
I promised myself that eventually I would find the time to make the muss and fuss a one click solution. Needless to say, I never did.  :(  

However after some research tonight I did find someone who took the time to compile the process with AHK and I have to admit it is like a player piano on high speed playing an old favorite..

Since I test out so many different things on my systems I inevitably end up reloading them every few months and puttting the Quicklaunch back on.  It's not hard, just tedious.

For anyone who might be interested:  This is not my work but I have to give credit to the author it works like a charm.
Run from a command prompt using the specific command line he recommends (For me that was best but I suggest you read all the options)
I just added the QL to 4 Windows 7 systems I had to reload from scratch and Zero problems
I had hoped to find a registry edit since this is nothing more than creating a new toolbar but it seems many others have tried that route but none succeeded.

For those of you who might be interested, here is the link to the download which includes the source code as a bonus.!

This was posted in 2011 so it may not be there forever.  I am keeping an archive of it if anyone finds it unavailable please PM me.

I hope this helps someone else as I  have been helped so many times by others here on Donation Coders.


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