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curious win7 file issue...


I wondering if any here has seen anything like this - this is a clean win7 32 system that's only just been rebuilt a week ago (don't ask :mad:)

I have a small scripting tool that I use at work to get data out of our systems, but yesterday I noticed some weird behaviour by windows.

I wrote a script for a colleague, but when I went to send it to him I couldn't find it...anywhere.

I could open and run it in the corresponding app, but it was invisible outside of it.

This morning I went back into the tool and saved it out to a different folder to see if I could see it (I could), however when I sent it to a colleague the file did not include any of the changes that I'd made (and yes, I did save it).  I could open the file and see my latest updates, but the version as received was several iterations behind.

any idea's?

- Virtualized folder? So the file may have been stored in C:\Program Files\blabla, but Windows tucked it away in a virtualized folder, C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\blabla

interesting...FWIW I've been using this tool under win7 for almost 2 years and this is the first time I've encountered this

what are the rules around this?  There is a corresponding file at that location, though I'll need to do a little bit of testing to confirm this is the offending black hole.

I'd also be interested to know why that location wasn't found by my file searches (I'm configured to show all files)

Does your user account have rights for that folder? Or if the search/index functionality uses a different account, does that account have rights to that folder? Windows 7 and up are a lot more strict this way. Do not have the impression that if your user is member of the administrators group you have access anywhere. Especially not on the C:\ partition. 


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