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How can I find out what is restarting my PC automatically?

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Have you already tried to disconnect the 3rd monitor and the adapter, and then retrace all the steps you did when you "caught" the culprit?

If the problem still remains, there is something going on with your video card and/or it's drivers (although I still would not completely rule out your power supply, especially if it an older one that only barely delivers the required Watts). Of course, if the problem disappeared you can safely assume that the adapter for the 3rd monitor is responsible for your troubles.

The process of elimination is usually the best way to troubleshoot strange problems and identify bad parts. You normally start with the bare minimum of hardware to run and add each time one piece of hardware until you add the part that gives you the problem.

Stoic Joker:
Given that there is no real reason to be tweaking with the graphics stuff ("Not a gamer") just uninstall the CCC. ATi used to make it a separate DL so it could be easily ignored...but the newer versions of their driver have it bundled in.

The CCC used to be notorious for many weird assed crashes, which is why I never usually install it.

If nothing else at least that will stop it from constantly flooding the logs with it's nonsense "informational" messages.

+1 with Shades and SJ (who snuck in ahead of me).

Up until this point, the restarts caused by the auto-update have appeared to be masking the real problem - which seems to be the winlogon.exe process crashing.  Once that happens the system restarts the process if it can, (AFAIK).

Thanks for all the advice. I admit I haven't done all the elimination tests yet, as I do need my 3rd monitor for my daily work, and this is the machine I need to use all day.

But I didn't realise I can just unistall CCC. I'll do that then, and see if there are any improvements.

As for the power supply, I don't really know how to tell whether it's adequate. I presume you are referring to the power supply inside the PC? It's a 3-year old Acer Aspire M7811.

if it was me I'd totally uninstall ALL the video drivers and the associated apps - clean out as much as possible, then shut down and reinstall the bare minimum (have a fish around and you might find an installer for just the video drivers)


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