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New program: FileSearchy - Quick file search utility (freeware)

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Ok, added this to my TO-DO list.

I noticed it on

guess I'll have to try it out.  :)

Hi Cashper,

Noticed your FileSearchy app today, and I am curious why you did not put it in NANY 2014 instead ?
FileSearchy is freeware, so sets with "NANY" more than "Announce Your Software/Service/Product", I feel.

Well it is your decision, but I am curious.



I haven't put FileSearchy in NANY 2014, because i'm going to create a paid pro version.

Hi Cashper, I have found FileSearchy (version 1.0) to be an accurate and speedy contents searcher. FWIW here are some questions and comments...

Do you plan to add some type of filtered results (as you did in MultiFind)? I have to agree with the comments of dr_andus that searching many content results is too time-consuming. A filtered/outline view which displays only the searched-for text would enhance the user experience.

So there is currently no hotkey or other expedited method of navigation? This is a real limitation of FileSearchy as it's very cumbersome to click each highlighted line (in the lower pane) to navigate found text. BTW clicking on a highlighted line marker doesn't shift focus to the bottom pane as one might expect.

I also agree with stewcam that folder exclusion should be implemented. For example, I would like to exclude FileSearchy's log file and various temp files.

Also, the context menu integration remains a bit buggy. I have it disabled in options but "Search with FileSearchy" always shows after a few content searches.

IMO there should be a recognition of matches and there should be a column along with found files which enumerates matches in each found file. It would also be very helpful to see a summary of matches and files found/files searched. For example, the summary "103 matches in 20 files of 35 searched" provides significantly more information than FileSearchy 1.0 provides.

Despite these comments about this early version 1.0, I do like FileSearchy and plan to continue using it in advanced mode as a contents searcher.  :Thmbsup:


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