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Clipboard help and spell program to work with my android phone


I found a program that works with my android and connects with Clipboard from my laptop to my android clipboard.
 I do not know where to post this info. It's called Clipsync 1.2. So When I am on my phone and I
need to one handedly copy and paste, I just bring up Clipboard Help and spell and copy the info (my email address)
to the clipboard and it is automatically on my android. If this doesn't make sense, maybe someone else can explain it
better. I think there are more programs out there to do this but this one was free. I use it for myself and I teach
people with various disabilities. Aloha, les PS feel free to repost in a better place if you know of one. I am not a forum user.

You are right, Clipsync is useful. It saves me from a lot of typing on tiny keyboards.  :up:


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