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Winamp to shut down December 20, 2013. Get the latest version if you want it.

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As it says here: and associated web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013. Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date. See release notes for latest improvements to this last release.
Thanks for supporting the Winamp community for over 15 years.

--- End quote ---

Meh, it'll be on TPB for another 10-20 years ... no rush.

End of an era though, that was one of the so called must downloads in the 'early' days

That was back in the day when you had to MANUALLY install a 3rd party mp3 codec!

Like this one...

If they are shutting down then they should be giving away the pro version till then...if it isn't already that version...Anyone know if that is the case?


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