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NANY 2014 Release: ImgFloat (a tool for Screenshot Captor)

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Uploaded a new version that does not lock the image in question at all.

great  :up:

And done.  It does look better with the tweaks, IMO.  Let me know what you think.
-wraith808 (December 28, 2013, 10:49 AM)
--- End quote ---
Sorry for the delay (working on a major computer castrophe here).
That is better for me — thanks a lot! I can't see the cross very well but I can see the check mark, and one indicator is enough.
It doesn't help that the background on my screens is grey  ;D  :o


ImgFloat archive has been updated with documentation, license, and readme.  Website has also been updated with documentation, and a link to the same is above.


sorry, couldn't find from the docs but is there a way to display the floating window in a fixed size? e.g. with a dimension of 320x480 or a ratio of 4:3.


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