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NANY 2014 Release: ImgFloat (a tool for Screenshot Captor)

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Ok. no problem, I have to go to work shortly, so whenever is fine with me.

cmpm: your configuration looks ok to me.
you can use the "post capture pop-up dialog" as you are doing it, and the tool should launch after you choose to save the image.

wraith -- i've noticed that the program seems to keep the image files open after displaying them -- which makes it impossible to delete them in SC.  this happens not just for the current file being shown but for the previously displayed files(!)  better would be if it read the image to display it and then close the file so it could be deleted/moved/etc.

another thing -- the download has no instructions at all in it -- it would be nice if you had a readme that said basically what you've said at top of this post, and include a url link to this post so if people download the zip from somewhere they will have some help.

I plan to do just that.  I haven't yet, as I've just gotten through with the features.

I've updated it so that it releases the image when the window is closed.  The other bit would take a bit of rework, so I'll look into doing that at a later time if people start to use it much. :)

I typed the command line in manually and it's working now.
Must have been something in the copy/paste operation.


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