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NANY 2014 Release: ImgFloat (a tool for Screenshot Captor)

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NANY 2014 Entry Information
Application NameImgFloatShort DescriptionOverlay the Desktop with a recently taken screenshotSupported OSesWindows XP/7 (Should work in Vista/8 also, but untested)Web Page FilePortable VersionDescriptionI’ve used Screenshot Captor on Windows to great effect for years, and it contains a ton of features.  But one feature that I didn’t even realize that it was mssing until recently was the ability to float the screenshot after it was taken.  Lately, I’ve been using my MacBook more, and came across an application ScreenFloat.  It’s not a full featured as Screenshot Captor, but the ability to float the section that you’ve just taken a screenshot of in a transparent window has a multitude of uses.

So, for NANY 2014, I’ve decided to create a tool that can be called by Screenshot Captor to float the just taken image in a transparent window.

I’ve done much of the research into what I’m doing with the recently announced Reference Overlay Tool, so the two should be very similar.

* Stub application that interfaces with SSC so that a new instance isn't launched each time
* Primary application displays (and allows hiding of) window with transparent image
* Allows the loading of an image separate from the launch method from the toolbar notification area
* Currently supports GIF, PNG, and JPG
* Allows user to change the opacity
* Can be run portably or from the program files directory
* Can be disabled without changing settings in SSC
* Can be set to keep a tray icon up, or close after each capture
* Allow the user to specify whether the images are stretched to the size of the window or not
* Current image can be frozen in the window, so that other captures can be done without losing the current imageScreenshotsNANY 2014 Release: ImgFloat (a tool for Screenshot Captor)

Doesn't adequately explain, looking back at it.  But I'll leave it.
* With .NET 4.0 installed, unzip application to preferred location.
* To set up screenshot captor, open the preferences dialog, and navigate to Basic Capturing -> Post-Capture Options.
* Check the checkbox labeled "Invoke these command lines after each capture"
* Add a line to the textbox that contains your path where you unzipped ImgFloat, and add "%file%" to the end of the line.
* For example: C:\Program Files\ImgFloat\ImgFloat.exe "%file%"

UninstallingDelete application install location and remove command from screenshot captor preferences dialog.
NotesRequires .NET 4.0.

Terrific  :up:

great idea! can't wait to see it released. :up:

Very nice, wraith!  :Thmbsup:

I have an alpha available for download (link above); I'd appreciate any and all feedback; especially if anyone has problems.  I'm using wcf net.pipe to communicate, and I'm not sure if there are going to be issues with this on anyone's machine.



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