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how to download the text of webpages?

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I want to download/save the text of a webpage as it appears when I open it in a web-browser (and automate this, as I want to do it for hundreds of webpages)

unfortunately, trying to download the webpage, results in saving the source of the webpage and not its text

for example:

this webpage in its text has the email [email protected]
but if you try to save the webpage and open the downloaded file, this email is NOT present (it needs to run a javascript to display it, in order to prevent spambots)

any idea how to overcome this?


Control+A then Control+S, Save as Text ... works for me in Pale Moon (Firefox):

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Email address is there.

There's always my GreaseMonkey userscript for some outright munging of the website before you select/copy.

Other than that, any macro recorder should be able to handle it.

I need to do this in an automated way, to load the list of the urls and to produce the same number of their text files

You'll probably need to look for a browser addon since it'll have to load, interpret (including JavaScript), and then save, either as HTML or Text.

I don't know of any standalone web ripper that can interpret JavaScript, (to grab protected emails).

If the JavaScript requirement is not critical, then wget will download a list of URLs, and HTMLAsText will convert them all.

wget.exe -i URLlist.txt -E

There's software for this type of thing (I've evaluated and made enough of them for work  :-\)

What you're looking for is a website scraper.  I will say that in my experience, the quality of the scraping is going to be directly proportional to how much you pay... not to much worth anything that's FOSS or free.

Are you looking to pay for this?  Or are you looking for something free?


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