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*NIX: New Linux magazine startup campaign on Indiegogo


Three of the leading lights over at Linux Format have left the Future Publishing stable and set out to create a new Linux magazine called Linux Voice.

The campaign is up on Indiegogo - link here.

Some interesting ideas, including a plan to release all their published content for free no later than 90 days after its original publication. (Something that is going to create major problems for them if they plan on recruiting 'guest' writers btw!)

Unfortunately, it currently looks very iffy. As of 11/19 they have managed to raise only 42% of their targeted £90K goal. And with only 35 days left in their campaign.

I'd give them a 1 in 10 chance of making it unless some angel investor comes along. A hope that is very unlikely to pan out in light of that 'free after 9-month' concept they've proposed. And therein lies the problem I see so often with this sort of thing:

* GNU/FOSS philosophy is NOT a business model
* Publishing IS a business
Therefor...(the conclusion will be left as an exercise for the reader)

Oh well. I wish them luck. Linux Format is (or maybe was with them gone?) a good magazine. And these guys have a track record for being solid tech writers. Let's hope this campaign isn't their collective swan song.

Update: they're now at £50,011 of the £90,000 target (1006 contributing so far) with 29 days left to go.

If you're interested in seeing this magazine happen, please spread the word. :Thmbsup:

Update: As of 12/04 they now have £75,782 of the £90,000 goal - with 19 days to go. Fingers crossed! :Thmbsup:

It lives! Looks like there's gonna be a new mag for Nix. Yay! :)



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