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It has been discovered that only a tiny fraction of our coder-members have enrolled in this year's N.A.N.Y. event. This is completely contrary to the spirit of the site, and beginning 11/20/13 those coders will be fined $100 daily (payable to my PayPal account) as a non-participation fine. I encourage you to avoid this hefty fine by going to the N.A.N.Y. 2014 thread and entering the event.  Your application doesn't have to be terribly complex or time-consuming. Generally something that takes 5-20 hours of coding is appropriate. Be sure to read the event's Welcome thread, and then if you're stumped for coding ideas, or have ideas to contribute, go here. Given the number of coders we have, we should have no fewer than 35 participants this year. I'll be contacting non-participating coders beginning Wed 20th to set up to receive your daily $100 fines...


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