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control panel app searches

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Hi guys,

I was just testing cpanel an mmc which are both useful and very nice, but i'd like cpanel to also search the apps within a category, for example, in win8.1 if you type advanced sharing in the charms search, about (a dismal) 22 seconds later, Manage Advanced Sharing Settings shows up... I'd love to be able to type cpanel sleep and get all the control panel settings for sleep, be it screen or hard drive or system etc...

Is that doable currently?

tx guys,


Hi Mark.

The FARR aliases for things like cpanel and mmc should let you filter/refine the results just by typing stuff after "cpanel" or "mmc"

Try that and let me know if it does what you want.

Hi mate, yeah, sorry my post wasnt clear... I had been trying out those commands, useful in some places, where you know the name of the cpanel category, but it does not look at the smaller apps within those cpanel "chapters"... for example, typing cpanel sleep finds nothing.

It would be nice if it found sleep settings for HD, for screen, for computer etc...


if those "sub" areas can be triggered/accessed directly in the same way the main ones can, it might be possible to add them to the cpanel alias.

so i guess the question is, can you make aliases for those "sub" category items?  or is there no good way to open the control panel directly to those sub-areas?

You can always play around with GodMode folder.
The trick is to create the GodMode folder, and then create a shortcut to every item in a new location (just drag and drop to a new folder). You can remove the original GodMode folder after you create the shortcuts. Then you point FARR to that new folder and voila - you have search of all the possible actions in Control panel.


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