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N.A.N.Y. 2014 Release: Text Inspection & Manipulation Utility

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thanks for the update, phitsc! downloading now.. :)

i had gotten into the habit of replacing the commas with some other character, like ^, to use it to split lines--just did that in TIMU an hour before finding this update! Thanx, phitsc!

You are both very welcome!

Phitsc, I was all set to ask for an escape character to have TIMU find tab keys, but i reread the whole thread and found it had already been done! I'd like to see any available escape characters on the about screen under the keyboard shortcuts  :Thmbsup:

if TIMU has a table copied from a webpage in the input box and the function Keep Words At Beginning selected, the output box has that number of columns of the table, plus some spaces and tabs padding, which i have to use Replace Simple to get rid of. No problem but maybe a function to remove padding at the beginning and end of each line? (That's what i needed to type a tab for.) If i put 1 in the parameter box, TIMU breaks words at hyphens, so Wash-DC would only have Wash- in the output box. Should a hyphen be a delimiter when counting words?

For editing tables, it would be nice if Trim accepted a number, the number of characters to cut off beginning and end.

Delete To Tag could be renamed Delete To Character because it will accept any character, like a comma.

I'd like to be able to use Replace Simple to replace multiple characters at a time, like replacing 8 spaces with 1 comma.  Nevermind, I found out i could use Replace Regex. I'm not proficient in regex but just typing 8 spaces found them. then i could move output to input and backspace over 1 space to replace 7 spaces, and so on.  :D

I'll look into your suggestions DyNama. Don't know yet when though.


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