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N.A.N.Y. 2014 Release: Text Inspection & Manipulation Utility

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Just downloaded it and it seems to be working fine. What Windows version have you tried to run it on?

This suggestion would be useful for programmers, but heres it goes...

Have a programmers section perhaps and a thing that could be in it is explained below...

For CSharp...
Take a list and of variables someone copies over for example...

--- Code: C# ---private int attribute_left = -1;private int attribute_top = -1;private int attribute_width = -1;private int attribute_height = -1;
and convert it with the option of generating both setters or one or the other into like...

--- Code: C# ---public int Attribute_left{    get { return this.attribute_left; }    set { this.attribute_left = value; }} public int Attribute_top{    get { return this.attribute_top; }    set { this.attribute_top = value; }} public int Attribute_width{    get { return this.attribute_width; }    set { this.attribute_width = value; }} public int Attribute_height{    get { return this.attribute_height; }    set { this.attribute_height = value; }}
-hamradio (December 09, 2013, 12:35 AM)
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Good idea hamradio!

Just downloaded it and it seems to be working fine. What Windows version have you tried to run it on?
-phitsc (December 09, 2013, 02:46 PM)
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Win XP.

I like! The first thing i thought to use this for is joining and splitting lists of tv show episodes marked by the tv listing program i use, Digiguide. It keeps a continuous list as a search string:

"A Grave Matter" OR "A Vicious Cycle" OR "Cat's Claw" OR "Children of Ghosts" OR "Dead to Rights" OR "Deja Boo" OR "Delia's First Ghost" OR "Dont Try This At Home" OR "Drowned Lives" OR "Ghost, Interrupted" OR "Haunted Hero" OR "Love Never Dies (Part 1 of 2)" OR "Mean Ghost" OR "No Safe Place" OR "Speed Demon " OR "The Collector" OR "The Cradle Will Rock" OR "The Curse of the Ninth" OR "The Gathering" OR "The Ghost Within" OR "The Prophet" OR "The Underneath"
--- End quote ---

if i paste the list in the top box & choose List | Split on the menu list and type "OR" in the middle box, TIMU breaks my list nicely into separate lines…except it is treating both "O" and "R" as delimiters. Thus it breaks "Dead To Rights" into "Dead To" and "ights". it would be handy to be able to specify the entire word "OR" as the delimiter, or even " OR ". An alternative would be to add "Simple & Replace" to the Search function, allowing me to replace all " OR "s with a neutral single character, say "&".

Then when i paste a CRLF-delimited list in the top box, i'd like Sort | A-Z to produce a sorted list by lines, not by words.

Finally, a button to transfer the text in the bottom box up into the top box for further processing would be nice.

TIMU looks like it could come in handy! Thanx!

Glad you find TIMU useful DyNama. I've implemented some of your suggestions. Hope they work for you.


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