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N.A.N.Y. 2014 Release: Text Inspection & Manipulation Utility

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no prob, phitsc, TIMU has so many functions already that I have fun figuring out how to do stuff!

just had the idea that it might be of interest to have some command line parameters.
This would allow to use some predefined sets (started by LBC, or FARR, or a shortcut, or ...) for some text manipulations which occur quite often (in the situation of the specific user, therefore leave it to the user which manipulations are chosen for this predefinition). That would spare
to open the program gui (which may still be an option for approval or additional tasks),
to search and chose the function (maybe scrolling necessary),
to chose/enter a number of parameters,
which could all be done with one click.
It is similar to storing parameters, which was already defined as most needed, but would even be more efficient than that:
I think the most needed feature would currently be storing parameters between sessions and when changing between individual text manipulations.

That was a note to self by the way.
-phitsc (May 04, 2014, 04:24 PM)
--- End quote ---

Best regards, Yango

I second that :)
I use it at work to do pretty much always the same manipulation, being able to have a shortcut so it always opens on that one with pre-filled fields would save me loads of time :]

0.18 is now available. I didn't do much testing so please report if it doesn't work as expected.

I've added command line options, added accepted escape characters to help and added Remove characters (all as requested above).


TextManipulationUtility.exe -f "Remove characters"

Starts with the new Remove characters function selected.

TextManipulationUtility.exe -f "Remove characters" -p 5 -p 2

Additionally sets the first function parameter to 5 and the second to 2.

TextManipulationUtility.exe -f "Remove characters" -p 5 -p 2 "This is some example text to put into input field"

Additionally populates the input field with the leftover text which is not associated to a command line argument.

Last but not least a file can be specified to load into the input field with the -i command line argument.

@DyNama word boundary is currently done via regex \w+. I agree it's probably not the best decision. Will change it. I've added Trim number of characters (Remove characters). Will look into your spaces and padding requst next.

Great, works for me :]


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