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Firefox 25.x scrolling sucks

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Out of desperation I tried Waterfox Portable 18.01.  That helps somewhat.  Tough to tell with herky jerky WiFi.  Seems like all of them have been total crap lately.  I can't set portable browser as default so I set it to IE.  I only use that for WiFi login screens that need to launch via default browser.

This 18.01 is a lot snappier than 24.0 WF.  Still a bit sluggish coming up.  But no where near as bad as 24.0.

I can't set portable browser as default so I set it to IE.-MilesAhead (November 17, 2013, 04:29 PM)
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Try this: Change Default Browser
Or this: Register Firefox Portable With Default Programs in Windows 7/Vista

This 18.01 is a lot snappier than 24.0 WF.  Still a bit sluggish coming up.  But no where near as bad as 24.0.
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Have you tried Pale Moon, (x86, x64 and portable builds) ?

I tried Pale Moon awhile back.  I think most of it is the staccato WiFi on/off/on/off/on/off

The thing I don't understand is why these browsers insist on connecting when using the back button when the page was loaded only a few seconds ago.  What's the Internet Cache for?  It's infuriating when you have to sit and wait just to go back one page when you know damn well the data is already there.

Seems they overreacted to complaints from people who had to hit F5 in older versions.  Now it loads no matter what settings are in effect it seems.

At least this WF is much better afa scrolling.

I'll take a look at default portable setting.  Thanks.  :)

Maybe you would know... is there a method to launch a FF derived browser skipping session restore for this launch only?  I tried Shift click, alt click on the shortcut. It just comes up as always.  If I could bring it up blank then the page open would go to it instead of IE.  Opening with sessions it tries to connect before the WiFi is initialized causing the browser to just hang.

(I tried searching for the answer but all I get is how to set the session settings.. which does me no good as I want the session restore for WiFi that will connect with no manual intervention.)

Instead of messing with sessions I set up BrowserBunch to open with my 4 main tabs and set the browser to open a blank page.  Otherwise it will just come up frozen with the network here.


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