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Firefox 25.x scrolling sucks

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Firefox 25.x scrolling sucks.  This topic was discussed some time back with older versions. It suggested making a new topic since the old one was, er, old.  :)

I'm running FF portable 25.0 and as default browser..  Firefox installed 25.1.  After going through AddOns it seems on the Portable it was Tab Mix Plus that prevented me from scrolling.  On the installed it seems to be Download Status Bar.  Granted these might act normally on a snappy network.  But the WiFi at the library can really hang.  But for some reason killing and/or removing these AddOns seems to allow me to scroll the page at least.

The installed FF was so bad it would open to an empty page and still hang.  I couldn't even open a bookmark folder without waiting for who knows what.  Really weird.

Try "Tab Utilities". And see if that helps.
You have to use the development channel version.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for the development channel.

You might need to disable or uninstall Tab Mix Plus.

If that helps, I don't know. No scrolling problems here.

I don't remember it being this bad ever.  It's almost like the signals from the mouse are on hold.  It's tough to tell exactly what's what when the network hangs so often.  Kind of strange in itself because sometimes all the pages in my browser will be spinning cursors except that I download a 9 MB file and it's down as soon as I click it.  Really hard to figure.  :)

Old flashes are at the root of evil ( :huh: )... Update Flash, and you will have less problems.

Old flashes are at the root of evil ( :huh: )... Update Flash, and you will have less problems.

-Curt (November 15, 2013, 04:06 PM)
--- End quote ---

I have the newest release.  I'll double check it though.
Thanks.  :)


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