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FineReader11, 50%off, BdJour, Nov15Fri


FineReader 11 Professional, "an Award Winning OCR Application", is at least one year old, so maybe version 12 is on its way? Anyway, version 11 is on discounted offer via Bits du Jour today, Friday 15. Nov. 2013. Considering the enormity of the normal price, ($170), 50% off really makes a difference: $85

Screenshots resized to approx 80% by me:

Great product!

Great product!
-TucknDar (November 15, 2013, 07:40 AM)
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Agreed. But it's worth shopping around. You might be able to get it for even less from other distributors from your particular country, especially if they run it with a promotion or it's an academic discount etc. I got my non-profit org licence on a promotion for a lot (edit: well, OK, about 11 GBP) less than the above price.

Today's (2 days and 23 hours)'s offer is a little bit different, and now it's of course for version 12.

$70 for Mac ($120), $100 for Windows ($170):

for two weeks the price via Bits du Jour is 30% off:

ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional
Capture This Amazing OCR Program
30% Off
$118.99 $169.99-Bits du Jour
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