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ABBYY Finereader & PDF Transformer Christmas sale, 40% to 60%,ends 12-23-2015


I didn't want anyone to miss out on yet another ABBYY finereader discount, (by just adding this as a reply to someone else's Finereader posting).

PLUS, this offer is for either the Finereader 12 software AND/OR the PDF Transformer software. Their discounts are 40% and 60% respectively.

1. 40% off Finereader 12 for windows.   Now $99 for full and $59 for upgrade.   Windows version

2. 40% off Finereader for MAC  $69 for full, $47.99 for upgrade  MAC version

3. 60% off PDF Transformer  $29.99 for full. [No price difference for upgrade, it too is $29.99 !?]   PDF Transformer

4. Finereader for win & PDF Transformer "bundle"  $129.98   [discounts stay at 40% for finereader and 60% on PDF transformer, they just let you "bundle" both, LAME!]
If they knocked the price on both down to 60% by purchasing this "Bundle" then I'd be all over it.
Anyway, if interested, choose Bundle Options after selecting the windows version for finereader 12 full.]

Happy OCR'ing  :)

Note: Extra 10% discount pop-up was offered when trying to close browser window at ABBYY website ! :Thmbsup:

I found a  couple items of interest, for anyone wanting one or more of these ABBYY products.

1. POP-UP offering an Extra 10% off item(s) in cart: 
ABBYY activated one of those "One Last Discount" POP-UPs, when I tried to close their website's browser window (clicking the upper right hand corner X).
As soon as I tried to close their browser window, Up popped a dialog box and it offered AN ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT on the contents of my cart.
(So it wouldn't hurt to try ADDING your items to the CART, then try "Clicking/Closing the browser window by clicking the upper right hand corner's X.
I let my basket set for like 30 minutes before trying to close. Not sure if that determines if you'll received an "additional 10% off discount" Pop-up or not).

2. The reason ABBYY offers a BUNDLE consisting of Finereader AND PDT Transformer+:
You can only add ONE discounted item to your cart and get their advertised discount.

When I tried adding the FINEREADER 12 and then adding the PDF Transformer+ as 2 separate cart entries, one of the 2 cart items would TOGGLE BACK to its FULL price !? 
Yikes. >:(  Now I see WHY they offered the "Bundle" option when I first selected Finereader 12. The BUNDLE option WILL go into the cart without issue, IF you want those 2 particular items.

Hope this helps anyone interested in the ABBYY products on sale.


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